Referee Assignment


In addition to scheduling matches between teams in a league or conference, I offer to schedule the referees who officiate those matches. Whether you need to assign referees over the course of a season or for a weekend tournament, a computer can often generate a schedule that better meets your needs and those of your referees than one created by hand.

Tournament Parameters

Some amateur leagues organize weekend tournaments consisting of a large number of games needing a large number of referees to officiate them. There are several common parameters when assigning referees in such tournaments. One of those parameters restricts referees to appropriate matches based on their skill level. Another seeks to assign a number of games to each referee as close as possible to their desired number of games for the tournament. Other parameters might include accounting for travel time between facilities, requiring referees to officiate at only one facility on a given day, and minimizing idle time on tournament days.


Amateur tournament schedules can be quite large and difficult to optimize by hand. That leaves room for a computer to better meet the parameters for those schedules.

referee assignment

Seasonal Parameters

For referee assignments over the course of a season, there are several common parameters. Two of those parameters concern travel and have direct counterparts in team scheduling. One minimizes travel for referees between games on the road, and the other ensures a balance of home and away games. Other parameters avoid scheduling referees on days they are not available and avoid frequent assignment to the same teams over the course of the season.


As with scheduling sports teams, using a computer to schedule referees can often produce better results than building schedules by hand.

Other Parameters

Other parameters may involve scheduling particular referees to particular matches, restricting referees from officiating games with players who are relatives, or any other details that you are accustomed to incorporating into your schedules. Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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