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  • Wisconsin Collegiate Conference


  • Southern States Athletic Conference


  • College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin

  • Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference

  • Northwest Conference

  • Ohio Athletic Conference

  • Old Dominion Athletic Conference

  • Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

  • State University of New York Athletic Conference

  • Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference

Prior to starting Compass Computational Scheduling I produced sports schedules for several years through the Center for Athletic Scheduling at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. My clients to date include the following organizations grouped by association:

National Federation of State High School Associations:

  • Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association

prior clients

Promotional Packet

The following is a zipped directory that includes three schedules that I created for clients in the past along with a short discussion of each. Also included is an overview of the schedule making process. There are several files in the directory; start with Overview.pdf.

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